Battling with the unexpected

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Women in general battle with many challenges…and this one is one of the many I want to share…Because, you will relate and say ditto!

I became a mother very early in life and was always busy juggling with multiple roles of being a Wife, Mother, Daughter in law, Corporate Employee etc… Life was on the fast lane and didn’t know when it zipped between 30 to 45 years of age.

A very busy corporate employee and thus late working hours or rather working round the clock virtually was inevitable as work was more of a passion rather than a transaction done for a monthly package. So it was the laptop then mobile then laptop and then it repeats.

It was lately, since the past two years that I have been having trouble reading a text and getting blurred visions. For obvious reasons and sheer ignorance my visits to leading ophthalmologists and opticians became a routine. Not to ignore paying a heavy price on fancy lenses and frames.

My Inner voice chattered to me …all those visits to the ophthalmologist, what a waste. What was not fixed was my vision. Till one day a new doctor I visited popped a question ” Have you done a Blood sugar test – post meal?  I was zapped…how come an educated person like me never knew this. Of course I was not a doctor. But what about all the qualified experts I met?

I was casual till I saw the results and my world came crashing down.

Like any individual, I did my share of Google research and understood all the warning my body was giving which I simply ignored the last two years. Pain in my foot, Blemishes on my face and hand, blurred vision, tiredness, and obesity right on my face. The medical condition required an instant lifestyle change and discipline else adverse condition would lead to loss of vision, multiple organ damage, nerve damage etc.

That night I kept weeping. My Inner voice started to replay my flashback in a rewind. How do I reverse this condition? Instant thoughts of my children and how I was a role model for them professionally and personally. Will I continue to be their hero…?

Almost 9% Indians are diagnosed with Diabetics in India. Most of them are Type 2 which is a lifestyle disease.

To all my readers and friends who are ignoring health. Its time you had a health routine check.

It’s totally reversible.

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