Serve Love

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

When it comes to train journeys, most of us are old school. These are my favorite journeys. My time when I can time travel into my past.

I remember when we were small; we used to wait for summer vacations to happen, for us to take that 48 hours train journey to visit grandparents in our hometown in Kerala. What was most exciting was, eating in a running train, buying all the little stuff and somehow the same home food packed and eaten in the train seemed tasty. The chitchat with new friends that my parents would quickly make. I still remember, 30 minutes to our being boarded the passengers traveling together would have already gathered from – to destination, which village, family size, what education etc. Then it would be like travelling with one big family. Food getting shared, playing cards, children running up and down like monkeys, loads of laughter moments and not to forget seeing the landscape was one emotional connection ….as the Walkman played our favorite song.

The station arrived and as I looked out I saw a lady got off board the train with her luggage and her child. Her husband who has arrived to pick them up walked towards them and in a mighty gesture, embraced his little son and expressed his love and

How much he missed seeing the little one. What also caught my eye was the women who was waiting for her husband to equally express his affection to her, maybe she expected him to give her a hug, but the man just missed the emotion. Her disappointment was so evident, her shoulders dropped and face frowned. My inner voice chattered…why? Was he shy to express his emotion, was it the male ego or was it the ambience…

What is the impact, when you go that extra mile to express love and belongingness? Is this spontaneous gesture limited to a parent child relationship alone?

Love without boundaries and conditions, and let it be filled with spontaneity and you will see the beauty in being vulnerable. Serve love, it makes a world of difference.

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