Inner conflict

In any situation Preparation is the key. Be it a party or a presentation or a regime. This inner voice is dedicated to all my friends who have been postponing the New year resolution. Especially when it comes to our health.

When you are in a constant state of denial, the world’s most influential speakers too might not influence you. Actually it’s the heart. Our brain runs on a program curated by us over the years which has millions of “ifs, buts, because and therefore” and our original intelligence too, has a pattern of reading this program. When we have enough of Experience, expertise and exposure what also comes is a state of confusion and then our heart starts influencing decisions, and commands the brain to start picking and choosing what is convenient to do , rather than what is required to do. This is an inner battle one has to deal with.

We generally reach out to GOOGLE , listen to experts speak on YouTube, or follow many on Instagram, trying to get an answer to what to do and what to avoid during a similar medical condition. I instructed my inner voice to “shut up” This time it was all about self-discipline, which was tougher.

This is a common situation when we are at logger heads with our own self, as to what could be more compelling to get us started and how do we commit to be AT IT! We are usually committed to our relationship, our work, then why, is taking care of one’s health such a big deal. Infact it deserves a bigger commitment.

I have been a corporate employee for over 25 years and have always worked towards building a very strong team. I have a track record of creating leaders and today take pride in seeing people I mentored move up the ladder and succeed. But how can a unhealthy body be an example to others. I need to fix my organization (my body) first and then work towards fixing someone else’s organization. My inner voice says “I do not want to be professionally successful , gather lots of money and assets and feel extremely pathetic when I look back at 55 yrs of age and see my personal life lost. My loved ones all gone and only the very close ones visiting me and praying for my good health.” It hit me like a rod and I decided.

I had read, heard and gathered a lot over the years and it was time to take the new journey. Who says life starts at 20. Wrong… Life actually starts when you decide…Go ahead and hit that reset button😊!

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