Red Light

I still remember it was a Friday evening. I was returning from work and was excited to rush back home. Lots planned for the weekend. Family gathering planned. I had my list of to-dos before I reach home. As I rode on my two wheeler, thought of ‘kids waiting at home, could be hungry too’ kept playing on my mind. I quickly pulled over to pick some knickknacks. Also to ensure that I enjoy the lazy weekend and not keep running an errand.

It's family time. The traffic outside and inside my mind were a lot similar. The only difference was I could not wait to reach home as the week was coming to an end and I was in a super hurry to reach home.

The Traffic lights changed to Red. I stared at it and my inner voice started saying, I wish there were no red traffic lights, I was getting late. There were 121 seconds to go so I had a lot of time at hand to look around. Some in their AC cars, some busy on their handsfree talking and some upset like me on the traffic rues. Coming to think of it the Red light also was telling me on how important it is to take a pause and actually appreciate everything around us. It meant to reflect on how important it is to be mindful and have gratitude . As I was consumed with these thoughts, I saw few vehicles not following rules as they cut through the red signal and broke norms. I was fuming, it is generally because of such irresponsible people that others suffer. what is the point of being educated . I wish I was in the Traffic. i would have arrested them all, I said in my head. Just then, a two wheeler just zipped past me and i think it was a sports bike. I was so angry because the way it zipped past me , I almost lost my balance. I started murmuring about how irresponsible these young millennial could be . Do their parents know. Well I agreed , I was jealous maybe, or did I slow down due to ageing. I could not process this attitude of thrill at the risk of life. The lights changed to green and I proceeded. A little further I spotted a crowd right in the middle of the road. As I got closer, I saw it was the same biker who got rammed into a parked truck. It seems the biker lost balance. He also lost his life. I felt a pain inside even though my association with this biker was just half a second, he could have reached home safe, if only he had valued the red light warning. I did reach home and as I hugged my children, i felt sorry for the loved ones of the biker who would be eagerly waiting for him to return. Do they know that he has gone, never to return? Life actually does show us warning signals like the Red light at various occasions. To respect it or face the consequences is our choice. I think of this event even today as I stand at the traffic signal. It's always better to reach late than never.

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