We are all inherently a part of nature so it’s important to reconnect, resole and recharge, to accept what is, let go of what was an have faith in what will be. Discover your inner self, in format of coaching you have never experienced before, amidst the untouched and untrodden path far away from the nauseating make-over of urban sophistication. So slow down and come listen to the silence in the corners of nature because it has so much to say to you…


2 nights & 3 days,

Curated group or 1:1 coaching,

Live in a farmstay,

Experience the homegrown goodness...




discover your inner self in a format of coaching you have never experienced before



a journey to transformation

Recode is a 10-week coaching program designed to systematically transform you into a new avatar.

If you're still struggling on how to make that shift from a mediocre to an extraordinary life then this is your chance to sign up for an exclusive coaching system which recode & restart.

Discover the core strategies to become financially free,

Move from a negative to positive mindset,

Gather your motivational essentials and how to use them,

Learn the art of building a stronger relationship

One-time investment





create your startup blueprint

The success of business has many parameters. Start from ideation, then to creation and execution. It's important to have it all right and figured out. You could be a planning on a big idea to start-up or might be looking at scaling up or even diversify, this 10-session program will help you look at your business with fresh eyes.

Set your niche, vision & business model,
Pitch right,
Science of selling,
Nurturing clients & many,
Build loyalty...

One-time investment