a better you is coming...

Life happens, but  it is when you learn to embrace the uncertainty and recognize the opportunities, great transformations happen. As a coach I can help you receive best insights and perspectives from within and bring an inner most shift using scientific tools and techniques gathered from Ancient wisdom, Neuroscience and Somatic Principles; to help you become your best version.


Life Coaching

reimagine the way you problem solve


While working and leading several teams past years, I’ve realised that the most important investment today for an organisation is to have an environment favourable for learning and development. Equally important is to build trust and an environment of shared ownership and competence. And thus building people is the key.

As a Business coach, I work closely with my clients to identify gaps that can help build resilience, adaptability,  engagement, performance, leadership development, productivity, loyalty and trust. My training workshops are client specific and curated based on Client Need Analysis.


Business Coaching


a new perspective of life

Your true essence is not your body but your soul which is eternal. Subconscious memories from past lives sometimes might hold you back in this life. I help my clients to tap into their past wisdom which holds the key to many questions unanswered. Discover your true nature across multiple lifetimes and learn how to integrate your soul’s past to your current life for a richer, fuller and happier life now.


Past Life Regression